It’s Time

As a junior in high school, I attended a youth conference. At this conference, one of the speakers challenged us to spend one hour each day in prayer. At the time, such a challenge felt impossible. To me, prayer was boring; it was something you did simply out of duty. I could not imagine a prayer life that was enjoyable or life-giving.

Upon graduating from high school, I moved to the Twin Cities for college. I was struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions and desperate for God’s intervention in my life. It was also in college that I found out about Outpost Ministries.

At Outpost, I learned that God is still speaking and that He wants to have the kind of relationship with me where we talk to each other. The Creator of the universe wants to talk with me?! I was blown away. I learned that this dialogue with God, rooted in His written Word, was the essence of true prayer.

Suddenly, an hour of prayer each day seemed too short. I couldn’t get enough of the voice of the Lord. I was amazed at how much joy and peace and life one could find in the place of prayer. It was at that time that my journey into wholeness in Christ was profoundly accelerated. The Word of the Lord was healing my heart.

Several years later, I attended another conference, this one specifically on prayer. At the conference, we were challenged to spend extended times with the Lord in the place of prayer. It was at this conference that I heard the Lord challenge me to spend two hours of my day with Him prayer. Interestingly enough, I once again thought such a challenge was impossible. After all, I was busy with ministry!

Needless to say, the Lord won this wrestling match. Every day, I went to my church and spent two hours singing and praying the Word of God. It was during this time that I fell in love with God’s written Word. I was deepened as a lover of God, and my ministry finally began to bear fruit.

Several years later, the Lord once again challenged me, this time to spend three hours of my day in prayer. I wish I could say I had learned my lesson, but once again I fought the Lord. My ministry had really taken off. I was busy about advancing the Kingdom! Where was I going to find another hour for God in my busy schedule?

In faith I said yes to this next challenge, and I began to give the Lord three hours of my day in prayer, worship and study of His Word. It was clear that the Lord was jealous for my time. What an amazing reality to comprehend. God is jealous for me and wants to spend time with me! Three hours each day became a very small price to pay in exchange for the glory of a deeper knowing that I am the Lord’s beloved and He is mine. Interestingly enough, the more time I gave the Lord, the more I actually accomplished in a day.

Now I choose to live a lifestyle of prayer. Half of my workday (four hours) is spent in prayer, worship and study of God’s Word.  What’s more, I believe that God is calling His Church to a lifestyle of prayer and worship in this hour. This is the only way we will survive and thrive in the face of the coming storms. I have committed myself to building the house of prayer, a place for God to fellowship with His people. This corporate expression of unceasing prayer and worship is God’s strategy for overcoming the darkness in our land and releasing justice to His people.

Beloved, it’s time for 24/7 prayer and worship in the Twin Cities. It’s time to push back the darkness. It’s time to partner with the Lord in releasing His justice in the earth. It’s time. The Lord is raising up houses of prayer all around the globe right now in an unprecedented way. Will you join the Father in what He is doing? Will you join the prayer movement? Will you join us?

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Nate Oyloe was formerly Outpost's Director and Senior Pastor of the Twin Cities Justice House of Prayer.

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