Outpost has a variety of great groups to become engaged with.  I have found hope and strength from the [other] men, to keep pursuing freedom and keep my focus on God.

I had been involved in Living Waters leadership and was invited to join CalebSpirit for fellowship and book studies with a retreat.   It has always been enriching, and fellowship with authentic, godly men nourishes my spirit.

I'm married and struggled with same-sex attractions and addiction for many years.  Through support like Joshua Fellowship and Living Waters, I've learned to receive mercy and grace at the cross.  My marriage has survived, and I'm a happy peaceful man.

I began struggling with same-sex attractions at age 7.  When I gave my heart to Jesus at age 13, I confessed my sinful behavior and was forgiven.  But the healing didn't come for many years.  Through confession and healing prayer and fellowship with others, I found freedom--enough to marry a woman!  We now share our healing journey with other interested couples.

Knowing others who struggle with unwanted same-sex attractions is a huge help in my walk with God.

I had been struggling with same-sex attraction for about 20 years.  I heard about Outpost in college but ignored it until I found the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  I got involved with the Living Waters program, and that is where God transformed my life forever.

I grew up far from my dad's affection.  It broke me.  I wandered around trying to fix myself and found Jesus by accident.  I wandered a long time not trusting.  People told me about Outpost; it took 30 years to get here.  God is soooo good.

I came to Outpost desperate for something new.  I had pursued healing on my own with no freedom in sight.  At Outpost, I quickly learned that I was trying to manage my behavior, not deal with the deep wounds of my heart.  I discovered that Jesus wanted to not only heal those deep wounds, but that He wanted me and wanted to satisfy the longings in my heart in relationship with Him.

Outpost provides explicit and sound teaching that is advantageous for any church interested in being relevant to the community in which they minister. The bottom line is that the Church and the unchurched need the information that Outpost supplies.

Warroad Community Church

I came out to my parents that I was gay.  They sought help to better understand what I was going through.  After attending Outpost for a year, they encouraged me to try it out.  It was God's timing because I was coming out of a hurtful relationship with a guy and felt physically and mentally exhausted with life and being gay.  Outpost has given me back a sense of meaning and love of God in my life.  The more sessions I attend, I see God's love pouring into my life.  I am excited to see what God does next as I continue to go.

I have only been coming to Outpost Ministries for a short time, but in that time I've found tremendous change.  The staff don't just teach on how to deal with unwanted same-sex attractions, they teach on real issues.  They teach you how to navigate through your social, emotional and prayer life.

Outpost is unlike any other ministry I've been to.  This is a ministry devoted to sound theology, Spirit-led prayer, and honestly showing people the true Person of Jesus.  Through Outpost, I've been able to understand a lot of the reasons behind the development of my brokenness, the true, legitimate God-given needs behind many of these habits, as well as being provided a safe and secure environment to learn how to have these needs met correctly.  I've learned how to see the masculinity God has already put in me.

Finding Outpost is the best thing that ever happened to my relationship with Christ.  My relationship with Him has grown and become more real.  It has not been easy but worth the fight.

I searched for a ministry in Minnesota for help with my same-sex attractions.  I found Outpost then waited about two years to finally call!  I wish I would have called sooner.  It has been an amazing experience to meet and have fellowship with other men struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions.  This is not a place to feel judgment or shame.  It's a place to have other believers come along side of you with God to gain freedom.

Take one step to the Lord, and He runs towards you.  I have been immensely blessed by Outpost and CalebSpirit.  I have seen what healing looks like, and God has used the people here in my own healing journey.

At first, I was naturally terrified coming to Outpost.  "What if I'm spotted?  What if I'm found out?"  Through my time, I see now that no sin has overtaken me but what is common to man.  Now I have so much freedom, peace, and hope.  Outpost brought me a lot of understanding and perspective, especially seeing that I am not alone.

I used to believe a struggle with homosexual desires was something best dealt with by myself.  When I came to Outpost, I discovered the empowering of the fellowship of believers and was enriched by the wealth of knowledge available here.  Through programming and discipleship, I've grown so much.  Outpost gave me something I hadn't found anywhere else--HOPE.

Before I found Outpost, I was isolated and hopeless.  I kept thinking, "I am alone in this."  After finally contacting this ministry, I found a community filled with hope and Christ-centered leadership.  I found I was not alone!

I was having a pretty average day, and in my good ol' Midwestern sarcastic, cynical attitude, I was thinking, "God, are you really going to speak to me?"  As I moved a little more toward Him with a weak "yes", He just spoke life and identity into me.   I was blown away.

JHOP encourages me to seek God even when I feel tired or dry as I see others still running after Him.

For two months, I had been struggling with emotional darkness, pain and confusion.  I felt hurt and hopeless, despite my awareness of God's love and sovereignty.  At JHOP, God met me and led me to surrender my emotions to him.  It no longer mattered that I didn't "feel it"; I didn't need make sense of my pain first.  I just needed to love Him back.

The leadership of Joshua Fellowship says that if we want to speed up our healing, we need to spend more time in God's presence in prayer.  I have found this to be true.  When I engage in prayer and song, I realign myself to God's truth about Himself, about myself and about His love for me and those around me.

Time at JHOP has rejuvenated my prayer life.  It allows me to get out of myself and focus on the Lord.

JHOP has encouraged me to listen to and hear the voice of God, to see Jesus face to face and hear what He says, and to know how He thinks and feels about me.

I am someone who has struggled with his gender identity and who hasn't felt masculine at his core.  In the prayer room, I have encountered the Lord's heart about my strength as a man.  One particular day, I found myself grieving my lack of masculinity.  My heart was crying out because of my loss.  Jesus met me and grieved with me.  A few weeks later, He showed me the strength that I have in Him!  I asked God how He feels about me and how He sees me.  I heard Him say, "You are a man."

I have personally experienced my healing moving forward while at JHOP. Being in a place so welcoming to the Spirit of God has alleviated the darkness in my heart and life.

In the place of prayer at JHOP, I have found freedom from chains of fear, shame and hopelessness.  God has continuously shown me pictures of my value and how much I mean to Him.  He continues to blow my mind with His love.

I have given myself to the place of prayer out of obedience and desire.  We have been called to surrender ourselves completely to God.  In the act of surrender, we are able to develop a relationship with God.  This is central to loving and being loved, a crux of my brokenness.  Being secure in God's love enables me to be confident to reach out, be vulnerable, and establish intimate, healthy relationships with men and women.

JHOP has advanced my healing enormously.  I came very hungry, needy and broken several years ago.  I have seen tremendous changes in me and my love for God and faith in HIm.

In the prayer room, God has really been encountering me and speaking to me about my feelings of loneliness.  It's been a slow process, but I am beginning to trust Him again and know that I am not alone.

It is best not to do the journey alone--you need support and accountability.  I have struggled with same-sex attractions for 20+ years.  It is good to know that I'm not alone.