TCJHOP CD Release Event

Come join us for Twin Cities Justice House of Prayer’s first CD release, Faithful!

Faithful CD

The CD is a compilation of five songs written and performed by various worship leaders from TCJHOP about God’s faithfulness. We know that you will be very blessed by the messages in these songs.

Join us as we celebrate the release of Faithful. The artists from the CD will perform and share the stories and journey that brought about the music of Faithful, followed by a reception.  Come and support TCJHOP original music and artists!

Sunday, November 13th

4pm CD Release Event, 5:30pm Reception

TCJHOP (Olivet United Methodist Church)

3620 43rd Ave N, Robbinsdale, MN 554220

The CD is not available to purchase digitally, but you can now order it through Outpost’s website or at any TCJHOP events. Think Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!

Called Out Burn: 40 Hours of Continuous Prayer and Worship

40 Hour BurnThis October, Outpost Ministries is celebrating its 40th anniversary. To honor the work that God has done through Outpost and to lay a foundation of intercession for the future, Twin Cities Justice House of Prayer is hosting 40 hours of continuous prayer and worship beginning Tuesday, October 11. For details, visit We believe that we’ve only seen the beginning of the healing that God wants to release in our midst. Let’s join together to pray for the release of freedom, inner-healing and hope for the Bride of Christ, our community and those affected by same-sex attractions.


Faithful CDWorship has always been a huge part of Outpost’s history. So much of overcoming homosexuality is learning to worship the Creator instead of the created. Worship is a bonding activity. We actually attach to what we worship. In learning to worship God aright, we bond with a loving Father who can “parent” the underdeveloped parts of who we are into maturity.

Therefore, I am so excited to announce the release of TCJHOP’s first CD of original worship music! Entitled Faithful, the CD is a compilation of five songs written and performed by various worship leaders from TCJHOP about God’s faithfulness. I know that you will be very blessed by the messages in these songs.

The CD will be available online soon (we will keep you updated) or at any upcoming Outpost/TCJHOP events. Think Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!

Encountering Jesus Summer Internship

Encountering Jesus Internship

Join Outpost Ministries and the Twin Cities Justice House of Prayer for a ten-week internship that will deepen your understanding of the Word of God, awaken your heart in the place of prayer, and allow you to dig deep into what it means to be whole.  Contact us for more information or an internship application.

Building for the Future

building campaignIn 1976, the Lord answered the cry of many men and women in the Twin Cities struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions.  They were wanting to live holy lives before God—their sexuality included.  Through the work of Robbi Kenney and several others, Outpost Ministries was born—a ministry seeking to help men and women find freedom from unwanted same-sex attractions.

Around this same time, other ministries like Outpost were starting to pop up around the nation.  They began to hear about one another and decided to meet in California to encourage one another and exchange ideas.  Out of that meeting, Exodus International was born.  God was faithful to teach these pioneering pastoral caregivers how to minister to those in the LGBT community wanting freedom and wholeness in their sexuality.  (Sadly, Exodus International no longer exists, but a new network has sprung up in its place, Restored Hope Network, of which Outpost is a member.)

Interestingly enough, these caregivers ultimately found that God heals same-sex-attracted individuals the same way He heals everyone else: through the cross.  It was in offering the healing of the cross to the gay community that some very valuable tools to heal the soul were discovered. It was clear that these tools were for the whole body of Christ.  We are all in need of healing!  Outpost’s programming has grown to include men and women struggling with all forms of sexual and relational brokenness.

In the year 2000, I was hired as the Youth and College- Age Director.  At this point, there was little curricula or programming for young people.  I needed to build from the ground up.  Once again, just as in the early years of our existence, the Lord was faithful to release the tools needed to heal the hearts of the next generation.

In 2007, we began an internship for young adults called Encountering Jesus.  The interns were challenged to spend three hours of their day in prayer and study of the Word.  While three hours seemed daunting at first, as the interns started to encounter God in prayer and through His Word, they were hooked—and they were changing.  Young men and women were making different choices than culture about their same-sex attractions, and God was honoring their obedience.  Jesus Christ indeed has life-changing power!

It became clear to the Outpost staff and me that prayer needed to be at the heart of everything we did.  Outpost established what was eventually called the Justice House of Prayer (JHOP) with the ultimate goal of 24/7 prayer and worship in the Twin Cities.

In 2011, I was appointed CEO of Outpost. Our house of prayer began to gain momentum, and we established Elijah Company, a group for parents, family and friends of those impacted by same-sex attractions.  We also began an introductory course called Foundations to give a foundational understanding of the issues to new participants as well as to church leaders.  God was releasing more tools for the healing journey of the bound and broken.

Seeing the social decline with the passage of several marriage-related laws, Outpost began seeking further protections.  It became clear that the safest place to conduct ministry is within the local church.  By the grace of God and under the leadership of Jesus, in 2015 we merged with the Twin Cities House of Prayer and The Well Church to incorporate anew as a church: Twin Cities Justice House of Prayer (TCJHOP).  Outpost is now a ministry of TCJHOP; I remain at the helm as Senior Pastor.  As a ministry arm of TCJHOP, Outpost’s mission and vision remain the same, and we continue to have a unique focus on helping men and women find freedom from unwanted same-sex attractions.  Moving forward, we will be able to do so under more layers of protection.  (Your donations will continue to  be allocated to the work of Outpost).

The vision of TCJHOP is to be a unified, praying Church moving in the power of the Holy Spirit to restore the family.  Families are under fire.  We want to stand in the gap by praying for God’s intervention, and we want to offer hope and healing through Jesus Christ.

The marriage of night and day prayer with inner-healing is cutting edge.  Outpost is believing that the Lord will hold true to His Word and grant speedy justice to those who cry out to Him day and night (Luke 18:7-8).  Can you imagine the possibilities as we seek God’s face for the healing of the same-sex attracted and their families?

For forty years, Outpost has seen the life-changing power of Jesus Christ transform both men and women.  Our history and fruit speak to the goodness of God, and our testimony is loud and clear:  all things are possible with God (Matthew 19:26).

Now, we look to the future.  We have been renters for 40 years, and it is now time for us to have a place of our own.  And so begins our Building Campaign.  With completion of the merger, our staff has grown to almost 20 people, and in our current office situation, we are bursting at the seams!

To officially kick off this three-year campaign, we are hosting a banquet at Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center, MN on April 16 at 6 PM.  (Please note that this is a change of venue as of March 9.)  Tickets for the event are $40 per person or $320 to sponsor a table of eight.  Would you consider coming?  RSVP by April 6  or by emailing us at, calling our Building Campaign phone line, 763-210-2634, or by registering online.  We would love for you to hear more about the vision God has given Outpost for the future.  We are trusting for 40 more years of Loving God, Declaring Freedom!

Outpost Ministries Building Campaign Banquet

Please join us for the Outpost Ministries Building Campaign Banquet as we share our vision for the next 40 years of Loving God, Declaring Freedom.

April 16, 2016, 6-8:30 PM

Earle Brown Heritage Center
6155 Earle Brown Dr
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430Building Campaign Logo

The dinner and program include:

Three-course dinner featuring a choice of steak, chicken or vegetarian entree

Worship led by Twin Cities Justice House of Prayer worship team

Testimonies of Freedom

Keynote by Executive Director, Nate Oyloe

Tickets are $40 per person or $320 to sponsor a table

RSVP by April 13th by calling 763-592-4700 or by registering online.

Power of the Father’s Love Conference

Father's Love Conferences PostcardTCJHOP presents Power of the Father’s Love Conference February 19th and 20th with Pastor Dave and Kris Toyne of Agape Christian Family Church and Shiloh Place Ministries.

Pastor Dave and Kris have traveled throughout the world—including Europe, South Korea, Canada, Mexico and all over the United States—bringing the message of the Father’s love. Their message will encourage you in your journey as the Father’s dearly beloved son or daughter. You will be challenged and inspired as you take another step in the process of EXPERIENCING God’s love for yourself and allowing that love to overflow to those around you.  Come and experience the power of the Father’s love!

February 19th 6:30-9:30 PM (Registration begins at 5:00 PM)

February 20th 9:30 AM-4:30 PM (Registration begins at 9:00 AM)

Northbrook Alliance Church
6240 Aldrich Ave N
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

Advanced Registration (before Feb. 16th) $35

General Registration (opens 5pm Feb. 19th) $45


Prayer Week 2015

God is raising up night and day worship and prayer in the Twin Cities.  Starting April 10 and going through April 18, we are engaging with others across the seven state region for a full week of 24/7 worship and prayer and outreach.

JHOP will be moving from its regular location on Thursday, April 16 and participating in Prayer Week that day from 8 AM-6 PM at Redeeming Love Church in Maplewood, MN.  For the full schedule check out  Also don’t miss the Onething Regional this weekend.  You can register at

JHOP Expands Tuesday Hours!

We are excited to announce that JHOP will now be open every Tuesday from 8 AM until 10 PM beginning October 7!  As a result of the JHOP Launch Party and related events, we now have the strength and resources to add a full day of live worship and prayer to our prayer room schedule. In addition to our Tuesday hours, we are open every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8 AM until noon. We look forward to adding more hours as resources allow!

It’s Time

As a junior in high school, I attended a youth conference. At this conference, one of the speakers challenged us to spend one hour each day in prayer. At the time, such a challenge felt impossible. To me, prayer was boring; it was something you did simply out of duty. I could not imagine a prayer life that was enjoyable or life-giving.

Upon graduating from high school, I moved to the Twin Cities for college. I was struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions and desperate for God’s intervention in my life. It was also in college that I found out about Outpost Ministries.

At Outpost, I learned that God is still speaking and that He wants to have the kind of relationship with me where we talk to each other. The Creator of the universe wants to talk with me?! I was blown away. I learned that this dialogue with God, rooted in His written Word, was the essence of true prayer.

Suddenly, an hour of prayer each day seemed too short. I couldn’t get enough of the voice of the Lord. I was amazed at how much joy and peace and life one could find in the place of prayer. It was at that time that my journey into wholeness in Christ was profoundly accelerated. The Word of the Lord was healing my heart.

Several years later, I attended another conference, this one specifically on prayer. At the conference, we were challenged to spend extended times with the Lord in the place of prayer. It was at this conference that I heard the Lord challenge me to spend two hours of my day with Him prayer. Interestingly enough, I once again thought such a challenge was impossible. After all, I was busy with ministry!

Needless to say, the Lord won this wrestling match. Every day, I went to my church and spent two hours singing and praying the Word of God. It was during this time that I fell in love with God’s written Word. I was deepened as a lover of God, and my ministry finally began to bear fruit.

Several years later, the Lord once again challenged me, this time to spend three hours of my day in prayer. I wish I could say I had learned my lesson, but once again I fought the Lord. My ministry had really taken off. I was busy about advancing the Kingdom! Where was I going to find another hour for God in my busy schedule?

In faith I said yes to this next challenge, and I began to give the Lord three hours of my day in prayer, worship and study of His Word. It was clear that the Lord was jealous for my time. What an amazing reality to comprehend. God is jealous for me and wants to spend time with me! Three hours each day became a very small price to pay in exchange for the glory of a deeper knowing that I am the Lord’s beloved and He is mine. Interestingly enough, the more time I gave the Lord, the more I actually accomplished in a day.

Now I choose to live a lifestyle of prayer. Half of my workday (four hours) is spent in prayer, worship and study of God’s Word.  What’s more, I believe that God is calling His Church to a lifestyle of prayer and worship in this hour. This is the only way we will survive and thrive in the face of the coming storms. I have committed myself to building the house of prayer, a place for God to fellowship with His people. This corporate expression of unceasing prayer and worship is God’s strategy for overcoming the darkness in our land and releasing justice to His people.

Beloved, it’s time for 24/7 prayer and worship in the Twin Cities. It’s time to push back the darkness. It’s time to partner with the Lord in releasing His justice in the earth. It’s time. The Lord is raising up houses of prayer all around the globe right now in an unprecedented way. Will you join the Father in what He is doing? Will you join the prayer movement? Will you join us?