A New Season of Change

Dear Friends,

Fall is my favorite season. It has been since I was a little girl. Crisp air, warm (not hot) sunshine, and the changing colors in the trees bring joy to my spirit. And no matter how old I get, fall is a time for new beginnings. Even though I’m well past my own years of schooling, the rhythms of my life treat fall as the starting point of a new year. This year is no different. Instead of starting a new year of school, however, I’m starting something new here at TCJHOP-Outpost: serving as President of the organization.

When I first came on board in the fall of 2015, serving as head of the organization was the furthest thing from my mind. Looking back over the last 8 years, though, I see how God has been leading me to this point. In large and small ways, God has been laying the groundwork and equipping me to step into this position now. It is a humbling and exciting proposition to take the reins of such an important ministry, and I cherish your prayers for this time of transition. Additionally, let me share a few thoughts about how I see Outpost entering this new season, through an observation I made recently.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been fascinated by a tree outside the building that houses our offices. What caught my eye was one small branch of bright red leaves. This branch had changed color earlier than all the others. At first, I thought that only one branch had changed, but further investigation revealed a handful of other small branches that also had changed. The total number of red leaves on the tree was very small, maybe 1% of the tree, but they weren’t actually that hard to find. The red stood out starkly amidst all the green.

The red leaves on this tree caused me to reflect on Outpost and our people. For many who come through our doors, they know what it means to stand out from the crowd. Their personal struggles with sexuality, relationships, and identity have marked them as different; many feel like they don’t belong anywhere. Their desire to align their thoughts, feelings, intentions, and behaviors with the God-given gift of their embodiment marks them as even more different. Although these kinds of standing out can be tiring, there is a new and encouraging kind of standing out on the horizon. It is the fruit of a renewed life and the transformation that comes from encountering the living God and receiving the healing that He brings. This transformed standing out is what Outpost is all about.

As I reflected further on the leaves and the tree, I realized that the next few months look to be a time of change here at Outpost. We’re looking for new office space, we’re resetting some internal structures, and staff members are learning new tasks for their new roles. So while you may see us doing things in new ways, who we are has not changed. Outpost is and will continue to be a place where hurting people come to find hope and healing through encounter with God, relationship with Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

As we reset, adjust, and move into this new season, I invite you to continue to partner with us in our work. We continue to desire and need your prayers. We truly cannot do what we do without them. We also continue to seek and need your financial support. While we believe God will provide what we need to do what He asks, we recognize that the provision comes through all of you reading these words.

As Dan remarked last month, God is not done with Outpost. Our staff is excited to hear from God about new and creative ways to minister. Our volunteer leaders are energized to step up into expanded responsibilities. Our participants are ready to continue in their growth and healing. And our network of support is expanding. We look forward to partnering with each and every one of you as well in these endeavors. Won’t you join us?

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About Wendy T.

WENDY T. is the new President of TCJHOP-Outpost, serving to provide direction and oversight of all ministry and operations activities. She also teaches regularly as part of the Foundations class and our Distinctions seminars. She enjoys playing games and doing jigsaw puzzles with her family. Wendy has been on staff since 2015.