Of Robes and Kings

Shadow image of a nativity scene. Mary, Joseph and the manger in the middle front with animals flanking the stable. In the background, we see the outline of Bethlehem to the left and the wise men on their camels to the right.

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen His glory,

glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.

John 1:14 (ESV)

Dear Friends,

For the last month, I’ve been studying the book of Esther. On this read-through, something new was pointed out to me. Near the end of chapter 6, Mordecai is honored by the king. He experiences a transformation of his appearance, which leads to a transformation of his position. He is dressed in the king’s robes, placed on the king’s horse, and taken on a parade of the city. Anyone who saw him would not be seeing Mordecai alone, but would also see the king he served.

In the ancient world, people knew the king was coming because of the robes he wore and the insignia on his horse or carriage. The king’s face was not necessarily known in the same way as we know our world leaders today, the era of images and screens. Mordecai was transformed from his humble position to one of honor and prestige, due to his new robes.

Our King, Jesus, did the opposite of Mordecai, taking off the robes and trappings of honor and prestige, replacing them with the most humble robes of all: a baby, a servant, a sacrifice. How amazing is this transformation? How is it that God became a man and lived a life like ours? How did the all-powerful, all-knowing, always present God of the universe fit into that tiny, vulnerable, precious baby born one night in Bethlehem?

Most amazing to me is that Jesus undertook this transformation to secure something on our behalf. Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection grant us a new appearance and position. Those who follow Jesus are a new creation, robed not in our rags of sin, but in the righteousness of Christ. Wherever we go, people see not just us, but also the King we serve.

This is the gospel we proclaim at TCJHOP-Outpost: Jesus has come to bring us from death to life. Our new robes are not like Mordecai’s, only present for a day. Rather, our new robes are the new identity we have in Jesus. And whatever our struggle, hurt, or pain, God is there with us, leading us further and further into that new life. How wondrous and amazing! And all due to the Word becoming flesh and dwelling among us.

I hope you can take time this December to encounter again the great mystery of the season. And may you experience more of the new identity imparted to you. May this season bring you encouragement and strength from the God who exchanged His robes for ours, that we might become righteousness. Merry Christmas!

Signed, Wendy
About Wendy T.

WENDY T. is the new President of TCJHOP-Outpost, serving to provide direction and oversight of all ministry and operations activities. She also teaches regularly as part of the Foundations class and our Distinctions seminars. She enjoys playing games and doing jigsaw puzzles with her family. Wendy has been on staff since 2015.