Building Campaign Update

Building Campaign LogoAs you know by now, Outpost is celebrating 40 years of ministry this October. As we look back over the past decades, we marvel at the golden thread of God’s faithfulness woven through them. He has helped us in more ways than we could possibly recollect (though we will try at our anniversary celebration on October 15th)!

We have always had a roof over our heads. Whether it was the unique Griggs Midway Building in St. Paul, downtown Minneapolis on the 9th floor of the Flour Exchange, or in the basement of a local church, the Lord has provided what we have needed. There has always been a place where those struggling with sexual and relational brokenness can come to find help and support.

Years ago, however, God planted the seeds in our hearts to own a building. Coaching sessions, small group meetings, large group presentations and our Prayer Room would all function better in a physical place specifically designed for those purposes. And if we can function better, we can be more effective conduits of the freedom, healing and victory that God has for His people

Building Campaign GraphIf you are a faithful supporter of our ministry, you are aware of the fund we have established to purchase a building. Here is more about the Building Fund:

  • Around $6,000 was collected through 12/31/14.
  • In 2015, through the merger with the Twin Cities House of Prayer, $44,000 was added to the fund.
  • Fundraising events were held in April 2016 and almost $70,000 was contributed.
  • Currently, the building fund balance is $130,000.
  • Leadership has set a fundraising goal of $1,500,000 for the fund.

We praise God for the grace that has abounded to us over the past 40 years, including the grace that has provided $130,000 to our building fund. How has He done it? Though you, of course, our faithful supporters. Thank you for your faithful giving to the ministry of Outpost, so that we may “abound in every good work!”