Why Does Outpost Speak to Churches?

I love when Outpost gets to speak to churches and ministries. It’s a great opportunity to connect with believers and to help them navigate difficult questions and topics. In the past three months, we’ve been invited to speak at two churches. One event was a full Distinctions seminar, and one was a youth leaders training.

Why do we do this, though? What does talking with churches have to do with Outpost? I believe that speaking to churches fulfills our mission statement beautifully.

Encounter God: We at Outpost want people to experience God’s grace and kindness as we talk about difficult topics. God knows when to comfort and when to confront. Before every speaking engagement, I always pray that He will do what is best for each person who is listening. It is not our job to convince anybody about anything, but simply to present the truth and love that God speaks. Through this, each person can encounter God and hear what He wants to say.

Equip the Church: I find great joy in helping the Church be the Church. I love hearing stories from those who attend our seminars and events. Even if there is still uncertainty, people express having more peace and confidence as they approach biblical identity and sexuality. We long to see the Body of Christ be the place where no one shies away from pain, brokenness, and confusion. Unfortunately, the Church has a terrible record in this area, often being perceived as “bigoted” and judgmental. Our desire is to help churches and individuals navigate LGBTQ+ issues. However, navigating those issues requires love, respect, a hunger for truth, and a hunger for transformation of identity in all people. Sharing our experiences and stories provides a roadmap for doing just that.

Establish Outposts of Restorative Community: We want to see spaces where people can come in whatever condition and seek Jesus together. All of us, regardless of our background, are broken. It does not matter if you “identify” as this or that, or even if you have (as far as you know) never struggled in the areas of identity and sexuality. Everyone needs the Gospel, and everyone needs to work it into their lives by the Holy Spirit. This is a crucial aspect of the Gospel: Jesus only came to heal the sick, and He cannot help you if you believe you are fine. The reality is, you and I aren’t fine unless God comes into your life. That’s why Outpost was so critical to my healing journey. I needed a place where I could share just how messed up I felt, where I could be received in love and be pointed to Jesus. All of us can, and need to, find places to pursue God together, especially in the areas of greatest struggle or hurt.

This is why we speak to churches and ministries. This is why I love when churches ask us to walk alongside them. And this is why I love when individuals take initiative to reach out and get us connected to their congregation. In the end, it is an opportunity for believers to apply the Gospel, for His glory and for the ultimate good of all people.

I invite you to pray and consider how our ministry can walk alongside your church. It would be our pleasure to help you and your local body of believers to minister to those who are struggling, or to talk with youth or youth leaders about understanding God’s design for true life. May you be blessed as you look to Jesus for life!

About Scott R.

Scott has been involved with Outpost Ministries since 2019, initially as a group participant and then joining the staff team in late 2020. Scott has worked in collegiate ministry as a college pastor and disciple-maker. He also serves on leadership with Living Waters, a prayer ministry for those seeking healing and restoration. Scott has a passion to help people find true healing and growth in the Gospel as they encounter Jesus personally, becoming the good gift God has made them to be. He enjoys good friends, good games, and spoiling his pet ferret Zane (which he jokingly refers to as his “adopted son”).